Tanzania is a land of contrasts and majesty, Africa at its most wild and unexplored it is one of the unique destinations on the African continent. The exotic Islands of Zanzibar is one of the few living examples of majestic and immaculate islands today.

Here are the few places you must visit the next time you visit Zanzibar by Oman Air.

Stone town

The old part of Zanzibar city, Stone Town is a city of famous history and artistic significance. Dating back to the 19th century, its architecture has huge influences from the Swahili Culture. Deemed as UNESCO Heritage Site, this place is filled will history of Sultans & Princesses.


Swimming with the Dolphins

Ever dreamt of swimming with the Dolphins? Well, you can make it come true in Kizimkazi, which is just an hour away from Stone Town.



This place buzzes with reefs that are alive with an incredible amount of fish and marine creatures. If you like to dive, this is the place for you!



The Beaches

Talk about secluded and totally untouched beautiful beaches, talk about Zanzibar! There are over 30 of such pristine beaches on the north and the east coast. Happy holidays!

If you need a relaxed and undisturbed vacation, Zanzibar is your destination! Oman Air flies you to Zanzibar all week.