Travelling with kids

blog-kidTravelling with kids? The very thought makes many parents more than a little jittery, here are a few tips and tricks from us at Oman air to help you survive a looong journey with your sanity intact


  1. If you have a choice, take a night flight. This way your little ones should be asleep for a larger part of the journey.
  2. Check in early and inform our staff that you are travelling with kids in tow. We would be happy to provide you with front row , has  seats & a bassinet can be attached if required for babies
  3. Use bags with wheels: this comes in handy especially between transit flights.
  4. Pack right: make sure you have enough little toys, colouring books, activity books etc, it would also help to carry comfortable clothes, a zip loc bag for diapers, little snacks and lots of water. A favourite toy or blanket will always be welcome and helps the child adjust to the upcoming change; at the same time try to keep it easy as you wouldn’t want to lug around a truckload of stuff that your kids wouldn’t even notice while travelling.
  5. Technology is your friend: Even though our A330 fleet aircraft have in-flight entertainment options, a tablet or Gameboy can be wonder tools in keeping your child entertained both in the air and while you’re waiting.
  6. Prevent ear problem: for babies it’s particularly necessary during takeoff or landing, bottles of juice or water, pacifiers, baby snacks that dissolve quickly can help in easing ear ache.
  7. Avoid dehydration: As children are more prone to dehydration carry or ask for lots of water, also use snacks that help saliva flow such as fruit. Again check with the airline staff before you carry them on-board.
  8. Doctor knows best: Always have your child checked up at max a week before your flight, especially if showing signs of a cold. An infected ear drum is always at risk of rupture due to pressure change, unpleasant but true!
  9. Stretch it out: use every opportunity you can before the flight to allow your kids to work out their restlessness, relay races when you pack (or a few hours before you leave for the airport), jumping contests at the waiting lounge go a long way in combating the eventual fidgetiness your little ones would feel when forced to sit in the airline seat for a few hours.
  10. Some of Oman Air’s flights have children’s activity kit. It’s a pretty fun kit and can keep your children occupied for a long time. Do ask for it while on board.

And the most important thing is stay calm and don’t panic. Do not pass on your nervousness to your children. Things can go awry and your little one may not behave perfectly at every moment but with a cool head and lots of deep breaths I’m sure that everything will work out fine. Have a safe and happy flight.