Travel Tips

Travelling is not just a thing that people do, it’s an experience that teaches you more than what you could ever learn doing anything else. It exposes you to the world and incredible new experiences, it makes you meet new people, have new experiences and overall grow as a person. However, for new travellers and tourists, there are a few tips that might come in handy in your first few expeditions:


Must Haves:

While travelling there are certain items that you must carry at all times, regardless of whether you might need them or not, because sooner or later you will. These include, a durable and lightweight rolling wheelie bag, a portable camera, copy of important documents such as passport, zip-lock bags for getting liquids, gels etc through airport security, etc.

Booking Hotels and Travel:

While booking your flight, trains, hotels etc. it is always advised to not just stick to one particular website, but rather go through several and see which one offers you a better deal. You can even talk to a travel agent to get another perspective and pick a deal that suits you the best.


Pack Light:

While travelling it is most essential to pack as light as possible. The goal is to pack everything in one bag. You need to pre-plan your itinerary, figure out specific items that you will require and stick exactly to that list. The lighter you pack the easier it is for you.

Join Forums & Read Reviews:

With the presence of Internet and availability of travel bloggers and internet travel forums, it becomes much easier for future travellers to plan their visits and simultaneously get a great idea about the place and area they are visiting. It will help you avoid unpleasant experiences and help make memorable ones.


And most importantly, ‘Collect Moments, Not Things!’ Let the adventure begin!