Top Flight: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Prepare for takeoff, as Oman Air adds another new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to its fleet to give patrons a taste of its top flight

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner redefines flying as a new paradigm for luxury. It is unabashed in its lavish displays of comfort and forthright in its ‘more jet, less lag’ tenet of flying. It makes the everyday act of boarding a flight and bracing for the take off and the landing a celebration of man’s inherent quest to soar like the birds.

True to its name, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is a dream come true for flyers of every kind – even the nervous ones. Described as a better, if not the best way to fly, the Boeing 787 – 9 Dreamliner is crafted to create more comfort and less fatigue, while keeping anxiety at bay. Lower cabin altitude and smooth ride technology, complemented by cleaner air, ideal humidity and improved temperature control makes the Boeing 787 – 9 the perfect flying partner.

Designed to enhance passenger experience, the Dreamliner comes tops on ease, with comfort parameters set at an unrivalled level. Its large windows offer a dreamy sequence of the outdoors, wherever you may be seated. Yes, every seat presents the panorama of the skyline from the top – lazy clouds and streaks of lights presenting the surreal feel of the outside world. The windows, which are around 65 percent larger than the standard airplane windows, come without the regular shades. You simply use the dimmer to adjust the outside light; you have five options to tint the windows. Add to the large windows wider cabin space and more headroom…and you might well want the flight to continue forever.

The outside view is complemented by a well conceptualised in flight entertainment, which is designed in harmony with the soothing mood lights that adjust gradually. Aboard Oman Air’s Boeing 787 – 9, all classes feature the state-of-the-art Thales Integrated In-Flight Entertainment System, offering an even more enjoyable guest experience, and access to a wide selection of on-demand entertainment delivered through a passenger experience interface, developed specifically for the airline. Dynamic LED lighting and superb sound engineering augment every detail of flight comfort.

The Boeing 787-9 is designed to cushion discomfort away and help you arrive at your destination with your faith in flying restored. It is also comparatively quieter, enhancing the sense of quietude within, as if one is in a meditative stance – calm and collected. Flying on Boeing 787-9 is an indulgence, a finest one at that. While the design elements pamper you with ease and comfort, the services and facilities offered treat you to an experience that you would want to repeat with every flight.

With Oman Air adding a new Boeing 787-9, expanding its Dreamliner fleet to 8, the chances of that happening are certainly higher. And, it wouldn’t seem excessive or self-indulgent if your choice of destination was dictated by the Dreamliner flying you there. Such is the pleasure of flying aboard a Boeing 787-9. It is bigger, better and so much more bolder in its approach to comfort and ease.

Its fascinating features and elements make every flying experience a memory to cherish. What makes Boeing 787-9 all the more interesting is…

  • That the 787 – 9 is the world’s first jetliner to use electric brakes, which are more reliable and provide better brake control than do traditional hydraulic brakes
  • That 787 – 9’s electric architecture helps it produce 1.45megawatts of electrical power – enough to power 400 homes
  • That it has large overhead bins, which can be opened in 4 different ways
  • That the 787 – 9 Dreamliner was originally named 7E7, with the ‘E’ underscoring the efficiency and environmental performance of the 787 family (The ‘E’ was later changed to a number, consistent with other Boeing jetliners)
  • That it has 20 fan blades on its Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine
  • That the vaulted ceiling is 85 inches in height with the full dome archway at 112 inches
  • That it goes through 15,000 hours of tunnel testing
  • That around 2.3 million parts go into building the 787-9…

Experience the joys of flying with Oman Air’s fleet of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.