The smell of freshly baked muffins…

Did you know that the Oman Air Catering Division not only caters to Oman Air but to Lufthansa, KLM, Sri Lankan Airways, Ethiopian Airlines Swiss Air and numerous other carriers amounting to preparation of more than 20,000 meals a day!

To handle the volume of business, the place has been modernised with the latest equipment, highest standards of quality assurance, safety and hygiene and qualified staff out of which 67% are Omanis. The facility is also certified by the Institute of Environmental health, UK as a training center. They cook up 20,000 fresh meals a day, approximately 300 meals are served in First & Business Class lounges and approximately 200 people eat at the Majan lounge at Muscat International Airport every single day.



Tons of fresh products arrive every single day at the kitchens out of which 110 are locally produced. They receives 200,000 kilos of fresh chicken breasts, 30,000 kilos of fresh eggs, 250,000 kilos of fresh orange juice, 75,000 kilos of lemons, 35,000 packets of cornflakes, 120,000 kilos of Basmati rice, 50,000 kilos of fresh king fish, 100,000 kilos of cucumbers and 8 different types of coffee come in every single year. All meals are prepped 24 hours before the flight and cooked 6-8 hours before the flight. The meals are then rolled out 90 minutes before the flight.
In the Oman Air Catering Division, all meals are designed by a special team according to the time of flight and the customers on board. The division works like clockwork with each department from the receiving area, storage, hot kitchen, cold kitchen to the delivery area work in coordination with each other to ensure meals are freshly prepared and delivered on time.

It is clear to see that there is a system in place which guarantees smooth operations at all times and all this runs smoothly under the expert guidance of Omani chef Fuad Al Hinai and his team.


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    Oman air catering is vary vary good.i’m so mouch like..

  • Navraj bc

    Hi, SIR/ MEDAM
    My name is Navraj BC from Nepal. Already i was worked Muscat City center in Oman from 2008 to 2011. I have experience in Italian Food, Customer service etc. and i want apply in Oman Air how is it possible give me idea sir please . facebook id :- (Sad Bro )
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  • the fantastic service provided by Oman air is really appreciated. I like its hygienic food and sound service. at last, I am a manpower provider agency from nepal and if Oman air recruits skilled manpower( air hostesses, cook, fb manager, waiter etc) from my agency, it can develop its serice in a more effective way.

    • Thanks for your kind words. Hygiene and quality are paramount for Oman Air and we are glad that you like our in-flight offerings.

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    If l want to work in oman air what can i do for this tell me some about it.

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    Sir, Can i meet job such as.. Supervisor/Security Officer/ HR-Trainee etc.. Please am interested while waiting for your favorable replying.. (27year old MAN From: Pakistan)

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    nice foods with excellent facilities with very good job thanks to oman air

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    hello ma’am/sir have a pleasant day!
    I’m Val M. Raquepo from Philippines. Presently working as at chef Richoux Café franchise from London inside the Royal Opera Galleria Qurum,muscat,actually in my dream and I hope it will be granted i want to apply in catering dept.can you please maam/sir email me in my account the requirements and place where can I passed my CV..thank you very much!!
    more power to oman air,