The business class seat

Business Class Seat
Business Class Seat

For most passengers flying, seat comfort remains a priority whether in Economy, Business or First class, after all who wants to sit in a cramped seat or get a back ache if there’s a choice.

It was in June 2011 that it was announced, at a ceremony held in the French Air and Space Museum at the Paris Air Show, that Oman Air was the winner of the World’s Best Business Class Airline Seat.

So what’s special about Business Class Seats? Well for starters nowadays Business Class Seats which offer more comfort and amenities than economy class are standard on long-haul flights and flights to international destinations – some of us can remember when passengers travelled in one class… But beware that there is variation depending on the type of plane and the airline flown.  All offer electronic seat controls and built-in massagers.  However, some are true lie-flat beds whilst others are flat bed seats which recline 180 degrees.  Those which lie parallel to the plane’s floor and are true beds.  Lie-flat beds also recline flat, but the seats are tilted at an angle.  Recliners are different again, yes they recline but they are not lie-flat beds. If you’re a bit on the large size best to check the basics with the airline for example the width from armrest to armrest and the pitch which is the distance from one point on a seat to the exact same point on the seat behind, especially relevant if you’re over 6 ft tall!

At Oman Air we have just 4 seats across, i.e. a configuration of 1:2:1 so just like First class on many airlines. Each comes with a pillow, cushion and duvet which the cabin staff will make up for you when you’re ready to sleep.  The high sides give plenty of privacy, and the 20-inch personal TV has an excellent range of programmes.  A tip – choose one of the window seats if you’re looking for more storage say for your laptop, shoes, and/or smaller bags.

What are the World Airline Awards? Well Skytrax introduced the World Airline Star Rating programme in 2000.  It is the Quality Analysis system that ranks airline product and service standards, based on professional evaluation conducted by in-house airline audit specialists.  It carries out a detailed analysis across more than 800 different areas of product and service delivery.

Voted by over 18.8 million airline passengers from 100 different nationalities, the World Airline Awards are the most prestigious quality recognition of front-line produce and service standards for the world airline industry, with 200 airlines featured.

As Edward Plaisted, Chairman and CEO of Skytrax said last year:  Oman Air has made great strides in recent times and its inclusion in the list of the top Business Class airline seats is well-deserved.