The Back Pack Journey Essentials!


We’ve all seen them in movies, the students setting off on a trip into the wilderness and rural areas with a little more than the cloths on their back and what they can carry in their backpack, to immerse themselves in new cultures and to discover the wonders of nature while eating and playing all the way!! But while many of them are intrigued by the concept and try to plan for such a trip, few really know what it takes to go on such an adventure.  So we at Oman Air have come up a few tips for you to consider before setting on your way

–          Road Map: While leaving the map behind may have worked for Columbus, for the rest of us it’s a sure shot way of being mentioned in the ‘based on a true story’ part of a horror movie. When you pick your destination, be sure mark the possible pit stops and ‘hot’  spots you’ll be stopping  along the way on a map. This will give the people at home a fair idea of where you’ll be and helps you pick out some great places for snapshots and well as a fair idea of how long the whole trip would take.

–          Pack light: One of the major mistakes that most amateur backpackers do while packing is, no matter how long you plan to spend outdoors, if it can’t be worn for three days without getting dirty, it doesn’t go in the pack. Also don’t pack any jewellery.

–          Don’t Go Solo: Rule number one when trying to avoid becoming a statistic, is to take a friend with you on your trip. Apart from the “safety in numbers concept”, it’s also great to have someone along to share the experience. If possible pick a friend with more travel expertise than you.

–          Read up: Somehow this can never be stressed enough. Read up on your destination before you set off.  This will help you pick the right hot spots to visit, which souvenirs are really work picking up, how to be respectful of the local culture as well as help you get a fair idea of what to look out for when dealing with the local guide.

–          Base camp: if camping is going to be a part of your backpack travel be sure to set up a base camp on night one and use the next day to relax and hike into the surrounding wilderness, but ensure that a token of human civilization is within walking distance in case of emergencies and take plenty of water.

–          Prep up: Prepare yourself both mentally and physically before you leave home, remember you have to walk a lot on your trip and getting exhausted every few minutes is a big no-no!! Also its good to keep in mind that a 5 star accommodation and hot shower may not always be available, so don’t let this ruin a great trip.

–          Communicate: Keeping in touch with loved ones back home is not just good family values but also a great way to ensure your safety. A call everyday may not be possible, but make sure you give someone back home an update every time you reach a pit stop on your map!!

Note: There always been a lot said about the natural beauty of Oman but for backpacking journey here are our recommendations

–          Jebel Shams: Home to the tallest mountains in Oman and best places in the world for off road driving and mountain climbing.  Jebel shams is the place to go when you pack your camping gear.

–          Sur: A must see for water sports enthusiasts with its simmering waters, pack your snorkelling gear when visiting here. Another nearby plus point is the turtle beach where green sea turtles from all over the world come to lay their eggs.

–          Salalah: A window into the unique culture of Oman.  Salalah ranks high on our list in trekking, mountain climbing and exploring the history of the gulf. Be sure to come during the kareef (monsoon) season as this natural wonder becomes an even bigger treat for the eyes during that time!!

Happy Trails!!