Ras Al Hadd – The Turtle Beach

A day at the beach restores the soul. A rejuvenating drive to a beautiful and clean beach with perfect wind and clear water would lure any simple soul into its beauty. With over 1700 kms of coastline, Oman offers enough space for families to spend quality time, friends to chill out, have barbeque parties and camp overnight.  Soaked in orange sand dunes, The Sultanate of Oman becomes one of the most popular destinations for beachoholics.

Thousands of sea turtles migrate from the Arabian shores to lay their eggs on the shores of Oman. Five of the world’s seven turtle species can be found in Oman. Sea turtles are one of the Earth’s most ancient species. The Ras Al Hadd beach is popular for nesting the endangered green Sea turtles. Nestled on the east of Oman, this beach possesses a unique charm. The beach is a nesting ground for thousands of sea turtles who migrate to the shores early morning.

As the turtles prefer to lay their eggs during the warmer months, June to September are the months that record the most numbers of turtles laying their eggs on the shores of this beautiful beach. The beach is famous for being one of the few spots in the world where at least one turtle will come to lay its eggs every single night for the entire year.

This beach has been signified as a Turtle reserve. The Reserve hosts an estimated 6000-13,000 nesting green turtles annually – one of the largest nesting aggregations in the Indian Ocean and potentially one of the three largest nesting green turtle populations in the world. Graced by its picturesque bays and rock formation, the beach grips you in its mystical calm. The rocks bestow a stunning contrast against the calmness of the sea.

This is what Oman is all about, come and witness a natural phenomenon like none other.

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