Mount Pinatubo – Manila


For adventure seekers and for those wishing to witness first-hand what the power of nature is capable of, Mount Pinatubo makes for a fascinating and fun day-trip out of Manila.


After lying dormant for almost 500 years, Mount Pinatubo’s eruption in June 1991 resulted in one of the most destructive volcanic eruptions of the 20th century, and by far the largest to affect a densely populated area. Before it happened, the region was home to more than 30 000 people who lived in the villages around Mount Pinatubo’s lower slopes. While an estimated 800 of these people tragically died as a result of the eruption, and thousands more were displaced from their homes, scientists were nevertheless able to accurately predict the timing of the eruption and its effects. As a result of this, a timely evacuation of the population in the area could be carried out, and this ended up saving thousands of lives, and millions of dollars in property damage.

Even though the volcano theoretically remains active today, Mount Pinatubo is a peaceful and safe place to visit for tourists. In fact, it is very closely monitored by scientists, and any further eruptions and activity will be predicted beforehand. While it is possible to visit Mount Pinatubo on your own, there are many tour operators based in Manila that offer Mount Pinatuba group tours and trekking adventures.


These usually include transport to and from the mountain itself with experienced guides, lunch and snacks, a four wheel drive adventure in a ‘Filipino Jeep’, and a visit to a traditional local village. You can also arrange to go on a trek along the lower slopes of the mountain, and up to the 1 760 metre high Mount Pinatubo summit. The mountain itself is also home to a giant crater which was formed as a result of the volcano. Over the years since the eruption, the crater has naturally been filled with rainwater and it now forms a beautiful 2.7 kilometre wide lake.

The mountainous peaks, and lakes in the area; combined with the greenness of the tropical forests in the region, all make this one of the most scenic and spectacular parts of the Philippines’ Central Luzon province. It’s a truly beautiful and spectacular part of the world. It’s also a reminder of the awesome power that nature possesses – and it makes for a fascinating and fun day-adventure out of Manila.

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