Europe at a Glance with Oman Air:


Europe, a continent forever romanticise in books, movies and by millions visitors around the world, it’s a place where several thousand years’ worth of world changing history can be explored, where an architect’s dreams have been brought to life and yet is small enough for the intrepid traveller to say that he has visited several countries at once (sometime in the span of a few weeks) with only one ticket!

Oman Air has always been a gateway for the residents of Oman and European Nationals and covers most of its major cities, so here’s a list of destinations and attractions that you can explore with us.

1)      Paris (landing at Charles de Gaulle Airport):

Paris: the city of love, you’ll arrive at this famed city (via Oman air) by landing at Charles de Gaulle Airport, featured in several classic movies and music videos including French Kiss, Rush Hour 3 and the U2’s Beautiful day.  Apart from visiting Disneyland the Louvre and the famed Eiffel Tower we recommend you to view this beautiful city in its entirety via a boat cruise along the city’s network of canals, even if you have a limited time on your journey this would enable you to see all of the city’s scenic sights while taking in the soft glowing light of this mystical river.

2)      Frankfurt (landing at Frankfurt Airport):

Frankfurt:  You’ll enter this international centre of commerce and culture through one of Germany’s busiest and ever expanding Frankfurt Airport. When visiting this great city, be sure to plan your trip to attend the Berger Strasse festival, one of the city’s most popular street festivals, in the first week of June and be prepared for a weekend of food from all cultures, drinks, stalls and music!! Apart from that be sure to explore the famous performing arts at the Frankfurt Opera and the English Theatre which also ranks high among Germany’s top famous landmarks.

3)      Munich (landing at Munich Airport):

Munich: You’ll be entering the cosmopolitan city with a heart through Germany’s second busiest Airport, while I’m sure that most will definitely be visiting the publishing hub to experience the famous October Fest and the culinary delight of the famous Munich restaurants, we also recommend for our non-beverage enjoying passengers to visit a temple of technology named the Deutsches Museum, where one would be thrust into an eye opening journey of interactive displays and live demonstrations. Who knew physics and engineering would be so much fun?

4)      Milan (landing at Malpensa Airport):

Milan: What can we write about the centre for Italian fashion without spilling over onto several pages? Should I start with Santa Maria delle Grazie home of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings? Should I begin with it being the Home of the AC Milan and F.C. Internazionale Milano football team? Or should I simply recommend one to visit the city for the Milan Fashion Week (Last week of February) and the Milan Furniture Fair, held in the second week of April it is largest of its kind in the world. None the less, whatever your reasons for visiting this city with us, you will be entering the original home of the Godfather through the Malpensa Airport, the largest airport in northern Italy.

5)      Zurich  (landing at Zurich Airport):

Most of us simply know Zurich as the home of the Swiss banks, but apart from visiting banking giants and skiing on snow peaked mountains; we recommend that one also take a gander at some of the lesser known attractions that Zurich has to offer such as the Zurich Botanical Garden which covers 53,000 square mile of meadows, fruit trees and home to over 3 million plants. Another must see for families with kids is the Zurich toy museum which is home to more than 1,200 antique toys dating from the 18th and early 20th century.

6)      London (landing at London Heathrow Airport):

You’ll be visiting the hometown of the British Royal Family through a gateway to the  southeast of England, London Heathrow Airport, while there is no shortage of tourism, a must see should be the Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Marble Arch, Big Ben and the iconic red double-decker bus. We also recommend one to visit the famous Madame Tussaud’s London wax museum, where one would come face to face with some of the world’s most iconic faces.  Apart from that, be sure to buy tickets to visit London Dungeons, a tourist attraction aimed at recreating (via plays, special effects and rides) some of the more gory and macabre parts of Britain, a must see if you’re not squeamish and a fan of gallows humour.

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