It has arrived! The Dreamliner needs no introduction. If you are a frequent flyer or a traveler, you already know what Dreamliner is. Let us take you through a small tour of this future machine.


Outside Features

Light weight:

Dreamliner is made of 50% composite materials, carbon fiber-reinforced polymers that are both lighter and more durable than traditional aluminum. They comprise the wings as well as the fuselage of the 787. This makes it lighter in weight. There are so many other features which are achieved only because of the use of composite material.


Dreamliner flies at a speed three times faster than a Formula 1 car. The plane flies at Mach 0.85. That’s the equivalent of 640 miles per hour.

Powerful engines:

The powerful engines of Dreamliner has enough energy to power up to 2 million iPods. They are as powerful as to get a vertical takeoff.

More fuel-efficient:

The composite structure and revolutionary engines of the Dreamliner makes it more fuel-efficient and emits less CO2 – about 20 per cent less carbon on a flight from Britain to America.

 Inside Features

Stay fresh with Dreamliner:

The pressure inside the aircraft of 787 is higher and it has more humidity inside the airplane. This makes passengers feel like they are at a lower altitude than usual. It reduces fatigue, dry eyes and headache. These features are really amazing for long flights. Cabin pressure allows more oxygen to be absorbed into your blood, you will leave the plane feeling fresher.

Spacious than ever:

Even at its lowest point, the Dreamliner cabin is over 6-foot high, so there’s a real sense of space. From overhead storage to windows and vents, Dreamliner has everything bigger than the other aircrafts.


Mood Lighting:

Dreamliner has a high-spec mood lighting system that can mimic things like dawn and dusk. It enlightens your mood, keeps you stay calm and relaxed.

A Quieter Flight:

The Dreamliner generates 60 per cent less noise than standard planes during take-off and landing. Which ultimately is good for both the passengers and the environment.

So when are you planning your next flight with Oman Air ? The Dreamliner is ready to take you from Muscat to Frankfurt.