There are not many places on the planet that are changing and developing faster than Doha. This enigmatic capital of Qatar is one of the finest stopovers in the Gulf. Spectacular towering skyline, breezy corniche, traditional souqs, huge shopping malls, pulsating nightlife, world class Museum of Islamic Art, Doha fascinates you with its wide array of attractions. Here are a few places that make Doha a place to add in your bucket list:

The Pearl:


The Pearl is a man-made island in Doha with extravagant hotels, luxury villas and apartments. This riviera-style development is one of the most glamorous addresses in the world. A high-end shopping boutique, dining experience or gorgeous beach, the pearl is a vibrant hotspot in Doha.

Doha corniche:


The seven-kilometer corniche strip around Doha bay is one of the places where people love to spend their leisure time. The corniche is a vehicle-free pedestrian spot and provides some spectacular views of the city.

Katara cultural village:


Katara cultural village is one of the top recreational attractions in Doha. Katara is the place where the finesse of culture and art is exchanged. This purpose-built development’s impressive theatres, galleries and performance venues make for a perfect night to witness the grace of modern art and music.

Khor Al Adaid:


Some 60 km drive from the city of Doha, lies Qatar’s most beautiful natural wonder. Khor Al Adaid or ‘The Inland Sea’ is an UNESCO recognized natural heritage site for its rarity. It is one of the few places in the world where the sea water encroaches in the heart of the desert, making it a natural wonder not to be missed!

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