Boeing 787: The newest member of the Oman Air Family

Oman Air 787 Artwork K65483

It is often said that if one does not change with the times then the times will change without you. We at Oman Air has always strive to be at the fore front of the changing times and bring our passengers the very best that the world of aviation has to offer. The latest of these efforts will be the introduction of the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner into the Oman Air family.

Boeing, the centerpiece of the crown jewels in American aviation has developed the new 787 Dreamliner, promising new cutting edge features, comfort and an industry leading fuel economy.  The Dreamliner ushers in a new era of lighter and more fuel efficient commercial airplanes as it consumes  20% less fuel than similar sized aircrafts.  This would be a huge benefit to the airline in age of rising jet fuel cost and would act as a deterrent in increasing ticket prices.

Apart from the fuel efficiency the 787 is also equipped with a state of the art flight deck, which would allow the pilots to see the data while looking out the window and the new electronic flight bags would completely eliminate paper manuals, charts and other data traditionally recorded on paper thus helping us reduce our carbon footprint.

For passengers the 787 provides a host of benefits as well, thanks to the on board sensors the pilots can measure and more easily adjust to turbulence and reduce the on air dips and lifts that cause motion sickness, also the in-flight entertainment system is tested to ensure that it can handle the multiple electronic gadgets that passengers would plug in during the flight.

Some of the other treats in store for our passages while using the 787 include a larger window which allow for a clearer view of the sky outside and dim at a simple button, an A/C system which pumps in more oxygen and less dry air is specially designed to ease your journey with us. Additional care has been taken when designing the passenger area, with vaulted ceilings and adjustable soft lighting the 787 is sure to feel less claustrophobic than traditional aircrafts.

The business class seats have also been redesigned to be adjusted to a sleeping position for maximum comfort and the traditional economy class now comes along with an individual IFE (in-flight entertainment) system monitor in the arm rest.

The 787 is expected to enter into service by the beginning of 2015.