Amazing Architecture Of Oman

Beauty has an address & it’s Oman! Oman is one of the most beautiful places on this planet is not just popular for the breath taking Wadis and bliss of the beaches but it is also famous for the amazing architectural projects. From Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque to Asma Bint Alawi Mosque, these beautiful Islamic architectures are worth giving a visit.

Before we begin with that, here are the best pictures of Oman we received from our fans for #ShowUsYourCity #PostcardsFromOman

David-Gene Bennett
David-Gene Bennett

Here are 7 amazing and beautiful Islamic architectural buildings:

The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

grand mosque-1

Grand Mosque - Arch night

Mosque of the Great Prophet (مـسـجـد الرسـول الأعـظـم (ص

Rasool Mosque


Picture Courtesy: Nadia Masood (

Sultan Said bin Taimur Mosque

Sultan Said bin Taimur Mosque

Picture Courtesy: Daniel Cheong

Al Zulfa Mosque

al zulfa mosque muscat

Picture Courtesy: Ahmed Al-Shukaili

beautiful alzufa mosque

Picture Courtesy: Ahmed Al-Shukaili

Asma Bint Alawi Mosque, Qurum


Sayyidah Maizoon bint Ahmed Mosque



Picture Courtesy: /

Al Khor Mosque

Al Khor Mosque


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