Adventure Holidays In Oman

If you love adventure travelling, Oman is the place you should visit now. Its impressive scenery pleads for discovering a wide range of activities which will delight your inner adventurous traveler.

Rock climbing & Abseiling

If you wish to go a bit further and want to increase that level of excitement and if Rock Climbing and Abseiling is your game then there is no better place than the Hajjr peaks. These beautiful sea cliffs are visited by climbers from all over the world. First timers can also try ‘by wire’ routes at Bander Khayran, Snake Canyon, and Jebel Shams.


Four Wheel Drive Tours

Hajjr Mountains are stunning when it comes to a four wheel drive tour, it is one of the most breathtaking journey you can ever imagine.


Marine activities & water sports

Oman has an exceptional blend of natural coral reefs, vivid coastal scenery and inspiring wreck-diving (ship wrecks) experiences. After all Oman is currently considered one of the top ten dive spots in the world, with scuba divers coming from across the globe.

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Oman’s coastline stretches around 3,165 kilometers. These beaches overlook Sea of Oman, Arabian Sea and the Straits of Hormuz. These beaches are tourist friendly and are perfect for summer holidays. Fishing and marine excursions are also ideal with such diverse geographical make up.


Visit Oman to experience these exciting adventures and much more. Oman Air flies you to Oman from over 48 destinations in the world.

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