A’Dallah Coffee Pots

Coffee holds a very special place in Omani culture, and ‘Kahwa’ – a preparation of coffee with cardamom, served hot (often with dates or the sweet halwa) – remains a symbol of Omani hospitality. It’s served from an Omani coffee pot, known in Arabic as an ‘A’Dallah’, which is traditionally made from silver or copper (and brass), and occasionally pottery or earthenware. The traditional design features a hinged lid attached to the handle and a long, curved spout for ease of pouring.


Copper and Brass Coffee Pots


Copper mining and coppersmiths both have a long and rich history in Oman. And evidence of this can be seen in the many antique copper and brass A’Dallah coffee pots that have become available as collector’s items throughout Oman in recent decades.

Silver Coffee Pots


In the past, most Omani A’Dallah were made of copper. Original silver A’Dallah coffee pots however, were extremely rare. But these days, modern silver versions of the pots are made to supply high demands for them in the tourist souvenir market, and they follow the same classic design as traditional pots.

Earthenware Coffee Pots


Occasionally, earthenware A’Dallah coffee pots were created by clay potters in Oman. There are examples of these from hundreds of years ago in the Sultanate – but in modern times, craftsmen and women are also using clay and ceramics to produce very attractive new versions of the classic copper and silver designs.

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