He arrived like a breath of fresh air after more than 8 long months. A wave of joy spread out across the nation which had a moment of relief attached to it. All the 11 governorates had been anticipating His Majesty’s arrival. Every Omani and non Omani was buzzing on social network regarding HM’s arrival. It was more than just happiness. It was just that they couldn’t control the excitement.

People flocked to the streets as soon as they heard about HM’s arrival. Articles, songs, poems and wishes flowed in a jiffy and it turned this occasion into a festival. Rallies were organized, public marches took place, people of all ages joined and prayed for HM’s wellbeing. There is a deep rooted relationship between every citizen and HM and it showed!

His Majesty is the architect of Oman’s modern renaissance. He has led the nation to unimaginable heights during his 44 year reign. His homecoming had to be one of the most joyous occasions in Oman’s modern day history. Everyone is praying for HM’s health and blessed life across the country.

Oman has progressed incredibly under HM’s vibrant and visionary leadership. Development can be seen in every walk of life in Oman and it has been successful only because of HM’s brilliant leadership. Be it health, education, standard of life, transportation, security, infrastructure or any other area, Oman has exceeded every expectation. HM’s vision has made Oman one the most peaceful countries in the world.

To wrap it up, Oman has got its character back. Oman has its voice and vision back. Oman has got its happiness back. There will be a lot of poems and articles on HM’s return, but people will still fall short of words to explain what they feel, such is the euphoria in the country and among its people.
We wish His Majesty the best of health. Long Live His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. Long Live Oman!