25,000 Sindbad Miles Giveaway!!


Life is a celebration and what better way to celebrate it than treating yourself to a holiday or a shopping spree that is taken care of for free? What if Oman Air could give you that very opportunity by asking for nothing in return other than your name? Sounds like a dream come true? Read on…

Who doesn’t like free stuff? The whole concept of getting something for nothing has always enticed even the most devout of workaholics, but sadly everyone who hears of such an offer will always ask “what’s the catch?” So when people ask why we’re giving away 25,000 free air miles to lucky winners for just a click and registration, we sometimes get a little tried to saying there is no catch!!

Another thing we keep having to do is explaining the concept of air miles itself, well to start off air miles is something you earn whenever you fly with us and can be used for benefits such as flight upgrades, free tickets, free extra baggage allowance, etc. The added advantage of earning more Oman Air miles is that when you earn more your eligible for a Sindbad card upgrade which allows you even more benefits such as duty free discounts, business lounge access (regardless of ticket) and many more

But the question you should be asking is “What can I do with 25,000 Air miles?” well apart from a side benefit of an instant upgrade to Sindbad silver, which in turn means duty free discounts, access to the business class lounge, 15 kilo extra baggage allowance etc, there is also the fact that even the furthest places covered by Oman air is a mere 24,000 air miles which means, you literally have a ticket to anywhere, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, you not only can get a free ticket to any of Oman air’s destination, which include London, Milan and Switzerland you’ll also have enough left over  for extra baggage allowance and duty free discounts!!

So where would you go? Would you time your trip perfectly in time for the Milan fashion week? Spend December under the Parisian night sky? Have a blast spending Diwali in Jaipur? Take a tour of the chocolate factories in Switzerland? Or simply take a series of short trips and explore the Middle East? Whatever you decide just know that the world is open for you, so be sure to enjoy the journey!!

To register for the lucky draw simply go to the Oman air Facebook page (http://bit.ly/131gZnL.), like, register and hopefully win. Good Luck!!

-Please note that the lucky draw is only open until 4th August 2013.